Erica Ryan Stallones is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in Los Angeles. Her work is both research-based and intuitive, and each body of work is responsive to the nature of the space it is shown in. Primarily a painter, her practice includes performance, video, installation, writing, and other media, allowing for collaboration and interpretation on the part of the performers and the viewers. Ideas are organized around systems built toward the desire to understand, construct, and de-construct universal symbols such as the numbers one through four, the cardinal directions, or the planets.

Ryan Stallones has exhibited her work locally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions in Los Angeles have been at artist-run spaces Elephant (2017) and Age of Art Multiples (2016). She made new work on location for PAM Artist Residencies in Los Angeles (2018) and Oceanic Sound Art in Galicia, Spain (2019), and exhibited a commissioned artwork for Summer Solstice Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark (2019). In addition to her personal practice, Erica Ryan Stallones runs an experimental art, film, and music label with her husband, Sun Ark Records, which seeks to actively engage in local and global community, and to foster creative collaboration.